Bumkey teases fans with two previews for “My Everything”

With his new song “My Everything” set to be released soon, Bumkey teased fans with a short preview for the track. 

In his first video message for fans, which ran for just short of a minute long, the singer is featured in a black and white cartoon filter. The solo artist sang to fans, “What’s up, it’s your boy Bumkey, and I wanted to let you hear a little bit of taste of my new single ‘My Everything.’” Known for his soothing and captivating R&B vocals, he then goes on to sing another short part of the song, showcasing his soft voice and ability to meld emotion into his singing.

In the second video teaser, which is only thirty-five seconds long, more of the song’s lyrics can be seen and heard. The video follows with the same cartoon filter concept as the first teaser, but divulges more information about the meaning behind “My Everything.” Bumkey’s personal drawings are also featured in the video teaser.

“My Everything” is set to be released on June 19th, and his wife Kang Da Hye reportedly worked on the track’s production and composition.

Despite his drug trafficking scandal that arose late last year, Bumkey is making a return to music with “My Everything,” and is also preparing to embark on his first solo tour titled Bumkey & Friends, which starts on July 11th.

Make sure to check out the two short previews of Bumkey’s “My Everything” below!