Buzz releases new MV for “Tree”

After a much awaited comeback, the pop rock group Buzz has released a new music video for their song “Tree.”

Buzz is finally back after a short hiatus of 3 months, releasing their new album Memorize as well as a music video for the title track “Tree.” “Tree” is a solemn ballad song about a man who is remembering a breakup and is allowing his past to create his future.

In the video, there are two lovers. The man is on his way to his girlfriend’s house with flowers, seemingly oblivious to what awaits him when he arrives. The girlfriend, however, is feeling extremely melancholy as she waits for her lover to arrive. Not even a short while after he sits down, she breaks up with him, and the man leaves without his scarf, stunned. Feeling sorry, the woman rushes out and brings him his scarf and after giving him one last look, leaves.

In other news, Buzz is celebrating their comeback with a concert, which will begin on December 24th and end on the 28th.What do you think of new music video? Take a look below!