Byul comments on how she missed the performing stage in #hashtag

Ballad singer Byul recently had an interview with #hashtag for her new single “No More Us” after taking a break from the music industry for two years.

The singer is looking very healthy despite being busy raising her family. Byul wore an elegant black one-piece with frilly white sleeves. She wore a orange brown shoulder bob, giving off a sophisticated mature look, unlike her previous years as a singer.

The interview was held under hashtagged topics. In the first part, Byul explains how she has been doing and expressed that she missed singing on stage and making appearances on television. The next part focused on her new song “No More Us,” which is about the experiences of couples who have broken up . Byul made an effort to explain that she wrote the song long before her marriage with entertainer Haha.

She even stated in a loud voice “I’m very happy now!” Byul’s laughter and smile can be seen many times throughout the interview, showing the singer’s bright and bubbly personality.

Byul’s lovely singing voice was also heard in the interview as she sang some of her most popular songs, as requested by fans on SNS. With each song, Byul matches the song with much expression, displaying her talent as a singer.

The female singer then goes on to talk about her family, her son Dream and and husband Haha. Byul sends message to to her husband about how thankful and touched she is by Haha who is working on various projects, such as Running Man and song “Beautiful Girl“. The couple also recently made an appearance on SBS Healing Camp.

The final part of the interview talks about Byul herself and her plans about music making in the future.

Byul’s new song “No More Us” was released on March 18th with a music video.