C-Clown throws a surprise party for T.K’s birthday

C-Clown‘s T.K celebrates his birthday as his fellow members throw a surprise party for him in their very own practice studio.

As T.K turns 20 years old, his members from C-Clown planned a surprise party for him as they pretend as if they had not prepared anything special. Sending Kangjun out to purchase a blank birthday cake, the boys secretly decorated the cake on their own, displaying Happy Birthday to T.K.

In their Christmas decorated room, the boys wait with T.K for a long period of time until one of his members appears with the birthday cake in his hand with the candles lit. Caught off guard, T.K thanks his members for the thoughtful cake and spends some time together to enjoy each other’s company.

Meanwhile, C-Clown’s leader Rome is currently preparing for his film projects D.PR (D.Pink Reel) as he recently revealed a second teaser video on his Instagram. Known for his consistent media usage, Rome has been nominated for Best Social Media Personality for the 2014 International Hallyu Awards. If you think he deserves to be the victor of category, make sure to vote for Rome!