[★VIDEO] C-CLOWN’s Rome hints on upcoming film project

C-CLOWN’s Rome hints on his upcoming suspense thriller film project after posting a series of vague updates on his personal Instagram account.

On November 7th, Rome updated his Instagram with two updates pertaining to a possible film project saying, “I want to make this happen.. And I will !!! I just can’t wait.. #future project #futuregrind #futureme #dpr #dpinkReel #rome #baromyu #롬 #바롬 #motivation”. The post was soon followed with a short video clip, allowing fans to preview his upcoming project, which was described to be a suspense thriller.

Fans who have seen updates were left to wonder if Rome will be fulfilling his dream as a filmmaker and sent encouraging messages for an upcoming release date. They are also no stranger to to his filmmaking capabilities as he constantly uses his SNS with his personal footages.

Rome is known to have worked his way into filmmaking after previously participating in the filming and editing of C-CLOWN’s Youtube series, Crown The Clown.