Camera Captures TWICE Momo’s Top Flying Off During Stage Performance

TWICE does it again! They have captured their fans’ hearts once more for their professionalism despite Momo’s wardrobe malfunction. 

TWICE performed “OOH-AHH” for a special Sudden Attack event, with a fancam capturing the entire incident. As the performance started, it was seen that Momo’s top became loose and undone and continued the performance as normal.

However, despite Tzuyu’s attempt to tie the top once more, it became loose again and left Momo performing with one hand behind her back.

The mild wardrobe incident earned praise for the singer who maintained her composure despite the error and continued to dance brightly all throughout. It was also noted that the despite the possibility of any wardrobe malfunction and their revealing clothing, the members were seen wearing extra undergarments just incase. In the clip below, Momo’s mishap occurs around the the 1:10 mark.