When You Can’t Stop Doubting Yourself, Remember These Words From BTS’s RM

Love yourself instead.

In BTS MEMORIES OF 2018, fans got to see more of what happened behind-the-scenes of BTS RM‘s UN speech. While RM was spotted being extremely nervous about the occasion, he kept telling himself one thing over and over again – and it is now becoming ARMYs’ mantra for whenever they start to doubt themselves too.


Only hours before the speech, RM was struggling to get his speech somewhat memorized and practiced. Jungkook, also concerned for RM and his anxiety level shooting through the roof, tried to encourage him by reminding him what an impressive job he is doing as a leader and as a K-Pop idol representing the nation at the UN.


Upon hearing that, RM told himself – with a bit more boosted confidence – that he is capable of handling the mission.

I can do it. Just like I always do.

— RM


Throughout the clip, RM was seen rehearsing the speech over and over again. Whenever he found himself with even the slightest bit of doubt, he looked straight into the camera and foretold his success.

I’ll do a great job as I always do. So don’t worry!

— RM


With the amount of time and effort that he poured into the speech, RM was obviously more than prepared already. But it was this “can-do, will-do” attitude that really prepped him for the big day!


Thanks to constantly reminding himself that he totally got this – and convincing himself to believe so by speaking it out loud – RM did end up rocking that podium. His UN speech is now inspiring and touching people all over the world!

BTS Talks About “Speaking Yourself” At United Nations General Assembly


So whenever you feel like you’re not going to make it – follow the footsteps of RM and simply speak it into existence. You can do it, just like you always do!

Source: THEQOO