“Cart” hailed as the top selling film for November

For the month of November, the Korean movie Cart, featuring EXO‘s D.O, and top notch actresses Yeom Jung Ah, Moon Jeong Hee, and Kim Young Ae, became a box-office hit!

Since its release date last November 13th, Cart managed to officially become the top selling film for the month of November. According to Daily Sports, the movie was able to attract over 600,000 spectators, rising above other movie releases such as  Fashion King.

On November 22nd alone, they managed to attract 43,381 movie-goers, placing them 4th in the box office. In total, Fashion King clocked a record of  579,419 viewers, but Cart dominated with 622,963 movie goers in just 10 days after its release.

Counting the ratings and audience count, Cart has been placed number one in the box office.

Cart is based off a true story about temporary employees of a retail supermarket who come together, and form strikes after being abruptly laid off. The movie consisted a cast of famous actresses like Yeom Jung Ah, Moon Jeong Hee, Kim Young Ae, and actor-idol EXO’s D.O, who all worked in great harmony with one another to produce the hit film.

Source: Daily Sports