CCTV Footage Of Super Junior Kangin’s DUI Crash Results In More Outrage From Fans

Super Junior’s Kangin gets into more controversy online after a CCTV footage of his reported hit-and-run was broadcasted. 

On May 24th, a video uploaded by MBN featured a news clipping of the incident after it was widely reported that the Super Junior member was charged for drunk driving following a hit-and-run incident. According to the Seoul Gangnam police department, Kangin reportedly crashed into a street light and drove away right after. It was also noted that the singer and entertainer was not present at the scene at the time of the investigation, but was pointed out to be the one responsible after hearing witness statements.

As the investigation continued, Kangin got a result of 0.05% alcohol level, which was enough for the investigators to suspend his driving license.

The CCTV footage capturing the incident evidently captured the moment Kangin’s car hit the street light and drove away, also visiting the scene of the incident the day after.

SM Entertainment has since issued an apology in behalf of Kangin and stated that he will be cancelling all of his commitments in order to reflect.