Chad Future and Golden reveal English remix of VIXX’s “Error”

On November 12th, Chad Future released his remixed English rendition of VIXX‘s recent song “Error” featuring Golden.

Set in a simple, dimly lit environment, the video shows Chad Future and Golden passionately singing and rapping into their microphones. This collaboration truly is a work of art as they consistently exhibit the song’s raw, heartfelt emotions while maintaining a cool demeanor. In addition, the duo manages to capture VIXX’s music video outfit styles perfectly, as they are both dressed in similar leather rocker garments, completed with upstyled hair and spiked jewelry. The English lyrics are posted in the video’s description, for those who want to follow along.

This isn’t Chad Future’s only English K-pop cover, as he has previously sung EXO‘s “Wolf,” “Overdose,” and B.A.P‘s “ONE SHOT.” He has also collaborated with NU’EST‘s Aron.

Watch his video here!