Chad Future releases MV making for “So Good” ft. BESTie’s UJi

After Chad Future released the music video for “So Good” featuring BESTie’s UJi, he released the making film for the music video on June 20th. 

As Chad Future flew off to Seoul, South Korea to meet up with UJi, the two were later seen enjoying their time together as they were in the recording studio. Although the two were together to record a song, they also shared laughter as they drew each other, had a meal, and more.

Chad Future released the music video for “So Good” on June 12th where it featured the voice of BESTie’s UJi. “So Good” is an upbeat and bright hip hop track whereas the music video allowed fans to see the two interact as friends.

Meanwhile, Chad Future is scheduled to release his 2nd mini-album on June 30th where it will include the tracks “Light It Up,” “Famous,” “So Good,” “Fit2Gether,” and “Robotic.”