[★VIDEO] Chae Yeon remarks, “I’m next after Jun Ji Hyun in China” on KBS 2TV’s “Hello Counselor”

Chae Yeon appeared as guest on a recent episode of KBS 2TV‘s variety show Hello Counselor. The singer’s remark, “I’m next after Jun Ji Hyun in China,” has garnered attention.

The episode aired on Decenber 15th, where MC Lee Young Ja welcomed Chae Yeon and said, “I heard your popularity in China is actually more than that of Jun Ji Hyun.” Chae Yeon was startled and replied humorously, “How can you say such nonsense. It’s not that much, but the popularity is probably right next up.” 

Chae Yeon has been promoting in China as a ballad singer, singing part of her ballad track in fluent Chinese on the episode.

Netizens commented, “Wow, Chae Yeon’s popularity is that much in China?”, “Man… that’s not possible,” “She sings well in Chinese too,” “She must speak well in Chinese,” and more supportive interest on her long time appearance in Korea.

Meanwhile, along with Chae Yeon, Alex, Tei, and Eric Nam made guest appearances as well.


Source: Ilgan Sports