[★VIDEO] Chen, Luna, Key, Dongwoo & more join musical “In The Heights”

Upcoming musical In The Heights produced by SM C&C has quickly revealed the main line-up of participating musical actors and actresses!

Originally produced in America, In The Heights is a Grammy award-winning production which brought its shows to both Broadway and international stages.

Idols who will be performing in this new musical include SHINee‘s Keyf(x)‘s LunaEXO‘s ChenINFINITE‘s Sungkyu and Dongwoo, the first three being from SM Entertainment and the INFINITE members are also linked since Woollim Entertainment has merged with SM C&C.

This will be Dongwoo’s first musical experience, and his casting alongside rapper-songwriter Yang Dong Geun (YDG) can be explained by the musical’s concept of incorporating rap, hip hop, and street dance. This also marks Yang Dong Geun’s return to the musical stage after Mine from seven years ago. The most experienced idol-musical actor is Key, who has been casted for more than five musicals, with Chess still undergoing.

For the guys, Yang Dong Geun, musical actor Jung Won Young, Dongwoo, and Key will take turns playing the main character Usnavi, while musical actor Seo Kyung Soo, Sungkyu, and Chen will play Benny. For the girls, musical actresses Oh So Yeon and J-Min will play Vanessa, while musical actress Kim Bo Kyung and Luna will play Nina.

In the original plot, there is a love line between Usnavi and Vanessa, and the second couple consisting of Benny and Nina. Hence, the audience can expect idol-couple interactions by Luna with Sungkyu and Chen.

Ticket sales for the musical will start on July 23rd at 2pm KST and In The Heights will be in theaters from September 4th to November 22nd at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.

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