Chinese Restaurant gives discount to women based on the size of their breasts

In this restaurant, there’s a rule. The bigger your bra size, the bigger your discount!

“The whole city is looking for BREASTS”, says the slogan. Source: Weibo

Trendy Shrimp is a restaurant in China that carried out a controversial publicity stunt. 

Female staff would evaluate a customer’s breast size, and offer discounts!

The discounts ranged from 5% discount for A-cup sizes to 65% off for G-cup sized customers!

Breast Model Contest 2016 in China. Source: Shanghaiist

The restaurant used images of League of Legends characters to appeal to the large gaming community.

The campaign got shut down almost immediately by customers who called it vulgar and degrading. But the manager was happy with its results.

“Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%. Some of the girls we met were very proud — they had nothing to hide.”

— Lan Shendangg

Source: BBC, Asia One