Choi Yoon So collaborates with Taiwan’s Alan Kuo in “For Love”

The official music video of the duet “For Love,” theme song for Chinese movie Rookie, sung by actress Choi Yoon So and Taiwanese singer Alan Kuo was recently released on March 24th. 

Starring Choi Yoon So and Alan Kuo as the main actress and actor, Rookie tells the remarkable love story of a famous actress and a “bit part,” who got caught in various incidents and eventually fall in love.

“For Love” is a light tempo ballad duet with lyrics that relate well with the main characters’ experiences and relationship in the movie that are memorable and heart-warming. Besides, the lyrics are written in Chinese and Korean and sung in the two artists’ native languages, enabling them to reveal their emotions well while relating back to their characters in the movies.

Rookie premiered in China on March 27th.