Choreographer of SHINee’s “Your Number” takes fans behind the scenes of its creation

With fans showing much love for SHINee’s newest Japanese release “Your Number,” dancer and choreographer Rino Nakasone shared a short clip of the process of creating the dance. 

The short video, which was uploaded to Rion Nakasone’s Instagram account, showed the Japanese choreographer practicing a part of the dance with a group of dancers in the studio. In addition to the short performance, the dancer also included a caption, which read, “Process of making choreo for SHINee ‘Your Number’ w/ dancers 🙂“.

Standing in front of a giant poster that read “S.M. Japan Monthly Audition,” the group of dancers flawlessly pulled off the dance with impeccable synchronization, showing how much practice and dedication it must have taken to complete the choreography for the song.

Fans showed their appreciation for the brilliant minds that came up with the choreography for the dance, thanking Rino Nakasone and the other dancers for contributing to the SM Entertainment male group’s recent release. The video is a good reminder to fans that there are many staff members who work relentlessly to create the amazing songs and dances of  their favorite groups.

Make sure to check out the amazing choreography video for SHINEE’s “Your Number” below!

Process of making choreo for SHINee ” Your Number” w/ dancers:)

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