Chrome Entertainment releases video teaser for Christmas collaboration

On November 29th, Chrome Entertainment released a short video promoting their Chrome Family Christmas collaboration, titled Love Christmas.

After leaving a cryptic message about a 2014 Chrome Family Christmas collaboration earlier in the month, Chrome Entertainment finally released some more information, including the featured artists and the date of the release and event.

The video featured all of Chrome Entertainment’s artists, including Crayon Pop, K-Much, Bob Girls, and Zan Zan. While K-Much’s G.Low and Crayon Pop’s Soyul both dressed up as Santa Claus and put on a short dance show for their group members and label mates, the other artists were dressed in other Christmas-themed clothing (except for Zan Zan, who wore hilarious costumes instead!). The video was only 26 seconds long, but showed a lot of the chemistry between the Chrome Entertainment artists, promising a very entertaining collaboration.

However. not much is known about Love Christmas yet, other than the fact that it will feature the four groups and will take place or be released on December 3rd.

So far, fans have been trying to guess what exactly Chrome Entertainment has planned for the collaboration, but while there isn’t a consensus on what it might be, all fans are excited to find out! Make sure to check out the video teaser below!