A.cian released “Ouch” dance practice video incorporating LED lights

On December 8th, a rehearsal video of K-pop boy group A.cian dancing to their newest single “Ouch” was released.

A.cian performed “Ouch” on the December 7th episode of SBS Inkigayo, and the choreography for this track includes an intense boxing fight reenactment by members Jung Sang and Jin.O.

The dance practice video that was recently released shares an extra element to highlight the boxing portion that was not included in their previous performances. The use of LED lights brings the performance to life as Jung Sang and Jin.O battle it out.

A.cian is a five member group with members LO-J, Jung Sang, Hyuk Jin, Sang Heyon, and Jin.O. The group is currently under Mono Music Korea (Mono Technology Korea). Though most of the A.cian members have changed since their debut back in 2012, but the group still stays true to their style with powerful dance moves and upbeat music.

Watch A.cian’s dance practice video here!