CIX Performed In The Rain And People Can’t Believe How Perfect Bae Jinyoung Looked

People are freaking out over how perfect he looked.

Recently, CIX performed outdoors for the 22nd Boryeong Mud Festival Super K-POP Concert. It was raining during their performance and fans couldn’t help but praise the boys for their perseverance. Specifically, people praised Bae Jinyoung for looking absolutely perfect despite the harsh conditions.

Peope are going crazy for his charisma, with K-Fans dubbing him as “Sexy King” for his intense gaze and passionate stage presence.

Fans are saying that Bae Jinyoung made the atmosphere hot despite how cold it was due to the rain. People recall back to the time when he was on Produce 101 Season 2 and how he started in the F class. Fans are in love with his growth and how professional he is on stage. People in the audience have said that the idol almost slipped while on stage, but he handled it like a pro!

Many remember when Bae Jinyoung was still a teenager, but now he is an adult. Fans are saying that time truly does fly and that the idol matured a lot since when he was first introduced to the public. People are proud and choose to support not only Bae Jinyoung, but his group CIX as well.

Source: Pann

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