Cjamm releases music video to “Just Music” remix ft. VASCO, Nochang, and BewhY

Revealing the music video to the remix of “Just Music”, Cjamm busts out some rhymes in his newest release. 

On July 17th, rapper Cjamm dropped his new music video for the remix of “Just Music” that featured appearances made by other talented rappers including VASCO, Nochang, and BewhY. Showing off their rapping skills, Cjamm and the other artists are seen turning it up throughout the music video as they spit out some lyrics in an underground setting.

After releasing his last mixtape Go So Yello back in 2013, Cjamm has finally revealed his first album Good Boy Doing Bad Things. His latest album consists of a total of 14 tracks and also features other artists such as Dok2, Konsoul, and more.

Earlier this year Cjamm also featured in Vasco’s song “Giddy Up,” and released a rap track highlighting the fun aspect of the mobile game Royal Roader.

Take a listen below!