Clara hopes to expand her work to Hollywood

During a meeting with Korea Times, model and actress Clara Lee talks about her journey into the entertainment industry, and the possibility of bringing her work to America.

Although Clara officially made her debut in 2005, the spotlight didn’t reach her until May of 2013 when she topped Korean search rankings after pitching for the Doosan Bears in form-fitting tights. From that  point on, Clara has been in the public’s eye varying from variety programs, to music video appearances and also dramas. All while juggling different activities in her life, Clara is ready to take on Hollywood. Although she didn’t mention anything further than that, the actress said, “I want to keep doing new things. I love working.”

Prior to her stardom, Clara was a normal college student enrolled at El Camino College in Los Angeles studying to be a fashion designer. Clara stated in her interview, “I never wanted to become an entertainer. I always wanted to become a fashion designer. That was it, only one dream. But my mom always wanted me to become an actress. It was her dream. She thought I had talent. She thought I was different. When I was young, I was always dancing in front of mirrors.”

When Clara was 20 years old, she began sharing the same dream with her mother. She started filming a few commercials for local Korean banks, and was also encountered by JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment recruiters. In 2005, Clara returned to Korea. As the country had change drastically compared to when she was there before 2005, it was strange for someone who had been away for almost 10 years. Clara laughed at the memory of when she returned to Korea and greeted everyone on the streets, resulting in people asking themselves, “Is she a crazy girl?” 

In 2006, Clara made an appearance in the drama Invisible Man Choi Jangsoo in a supporting role. Although ratings weren’t good, Clara took it as a learning experience. “That drama helped me to learn a lot. Before, I didn’t know that I had to work hard at it. I’d just thought, ‘Oh, this is easy. I just do the audition, film.’ After, I worked hard on acting. Now I’ve been acting for eight years.” 

Although Clara was able to find fame, she was also hit with a controversy when netizens had accused her claiming a recipe that could be found on internet blogs as her own on KBS 2TV‘s Happy Together 3. Both criticism and compliments were  thrown at her for her provocative photo shoots. When talking about her sexy image that she is known to have she said, “I think [my sexy image] is positive. As a woman, it’s really good to have this sexy image on the side.”

Clara showed how versatile she was as she also began working in the music industry recently. On November 7th, she made her a official debut as a singer/rapper with her music video “Fear” featuring Yasu. Back in August, she also began a fashion brand charity called Audrey. C. as a tribute to her role model Audrey Hepburn. Her charity sells leggings, and for every pair sold they will donate a vaccination to African mothers and children in need.

Thinking about the future, Clara’s plans include doing projects in Korea, China, and Hollywood. Clara also has a book that she is looking forward to having released next month in December. She shows her optimistic personality when she concluded with, “I really think life is short. You don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. You have to enjoy the moment. You have to be really appreciative about it. If there’s a chance to try something new, if I see that light, I just go for it.”

Actress Lee Chae Young  recently garnered attention when she mentioned the fellow actress, along with Lee Tae Im, on MBC‘s Radio Star. Lee Chae Young complimented both Clara and Lee Tae Im on their tall and beautiful figures. The three of them have become to be known as notable sexy icons, who were born in the same year.