Clazziquai’s Horan releases unique MV teaser for “She’s Alright”

Gearing up to make her first solo album release, Clazziquai’s Horan teases fans with a short preview for her music video “She’s Alright.”

Back on April 29th, her agency FLUXUS MUSIC confirmed that Horan would be releasing her first solo album mid-May, and finally on May 14th they gave fans a short look of the music video for her first EP She’s Alright.

While sporting a long green hairstyle for the music video, Horan shared a new unique type of music video for her song. With a cartoon-like setting, Horan is seen being accompanied with a band in the beginning, and later shows a woman who looks to be slightly detached from her surroundings.

Horan will be releasing her music video on May 19th.

Check out her teaser below!