[★VIDEO] CLC doesn’t disappoint with BEAST’s “On Rainy Days” cover

On April 2nd’s broadcast of MBC radio Shimshimtapa hosted by Jung Joon Young, rookie girl group CLC were invited as guests and showcased a live performance of BEAST’s “On Rainy Days” as a band.

The original ballad was released by their labelmate seniors BEAST in 2011, which has since gained much popularity with their impressive vocals and emotional performances.

CLC, who quickly achieved one million views for their debut music video “Pepe,” has further shown their capabilities as a group produced by one of South Korea’s biggest entertainment companies. Started out with busking activities on the streets prior to their debut, CLC had numerous experiences of live street performances as a band, so they each brought instruments to perform specially on Shimshimtapa.

Leader Seunghee was on the piano, Sorn and Seungyeon were on the guitar, while Yujin and Yeeun handled the percussions, showing the well-rounded musical talents in CLC. The girls harmonized with one another, showing great singing potential as a group since they are still rookies. Yeeun, who holds the rapper role in the group, also gave a cute rendition of the song’s rap, a contrast from the cool version by BEAST’s Junhyung.

Check out their cover here: