CLC releases one-of-a-kind dance choreography video for “Pepe”

As promised, Cube Entertainment‘s youngest girl group has unveiled a special practice video for their debut title track “Pepe” after attracting more than 2 million views on YouTube!

In March, the group thanked their fans for the first million views on the debut music video with a normal dance practice clip for the track. At that time, the girls also made a promise to release a special video if they reached their next million milestone.

Dressed in the same cute dress, as expected of a rookie group, the five members switched roles with one another and also changed their dance positioning accordingly. Maknae Ye Eun transformed into leader Seunghee, Seunghee transformed into Sorn, Sorn into Seungyeon, Seungyeon into Yujin, and Yujin into Ye Eun. Despite a few minor mistakes, the girls did a good job with the special video, seemingly proving that they have monitored their own performances quite a lot.

As a follow-up track to “Pepe,” CLC also promoted their digital single “EIGHTEEN” on music shows.