CNBLUE Jonghyun and Park Shin Hye commemorate their friendship with a selca

CNBLUE‘s Jonghyun and actress Park Shin Hye finally met up for the first time in awhile at the Seoul Fashion Week event, taking the time to take a friendly photo, which was shared via the singer’s Instagram account.

Jonghyun writes, “At a fashion show with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time,” revealing the photo of himself and Park Shin Hye making a cute gesture, her tongue sticking out, at the camera. With model looks, Jonghyun leans in towards her as he gives a slight smile at the camera.

In particular, Park Shin Hye, who is known to have recently been through a diet, is seen with a much slimmer face.

Netizens have complimented the two by saying, “Next to each other, they look like a couple”, “Park Shin Hye got prettier”, and “Jonghyun looks like a model”.

Meanwhile, Jonghyun is preparing for the band’s upcoming Japan tour, “CNBLUE 2014 Arena Tour-Wave” to be held between October 29th and December 4th, while Park Shin Hye is set to appear in the new SBS drama Pinocchio in December.

오랜만에 만난 친구와 ㅎ 패션쇼장에서.

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Source: OSEN