CNBLUE released teaser for new Japanese single “White”

In preparation for the release of their newest Japanese single “White”, FNC Entertainment band CNBLUE released a short trailer for the music video. 

The short 30-second teaser video features the four band members performing at a bar as a variety of different colored lights flashed around, creating a very energetic feel.

In addition to performing, the group can also be seen riding in a convertible with an older gentleman who is dressed up in a white cowboy suit. The same man is also seen dancing as the group performs their song.

As with the music video, the song “White” is rather face-paced, with both vocals and instrumental parts of the song having lots of energy. CNBLUE’s newest Japanese single “White” is set to be released in Japan on April 8th. For now, you can check out the fun and energetic teaser for the music video below!