CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin shares acupuncture photo on Instagram

On October 22nd, CNBLUE bassist Lee Jungshin shared a rather painful looking picture with his fans on Instagram, his left arm covered in acupuncture needles.Along with the photo, he included a caption, which read, “This kind of pain #It’s about this level.”

The photo caused a lot of concern among his fans, most of whom urged him to get rest and take care. There has been speculation to whether or not the picture indicated the musician was still receiving treatment for the injury he sustained from his fall in Hong Kong earlier in the year, but regardless of the reason, we wish the CNBLUE member will get well soon!

이런 고통따위 #이까이꺼뭐그냥대충

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Despite joining Instagram less than one month ago, the FNC Entertainment artist has been quite active on the social media platform, posting over 40 photos and garnering over 100,000 followers since September 30th. Lee Jungshin also recently opened up a Weibo account on October 13th under the username LeeJungshin91, so all his fans can keep up with the him on all his adventures.

Meanwhile, his band CNBLUE recently released their third Japanese full-length album Wave on September 17th.