CNBLUE’s Lee Jungshin shares making of film for Ceci pictorial

Following the previous releases of photos featuring CNBLUE’s bassist Lee Jungshin for Ceci’s March issue, Ceci TV has revealed the making of film for the pictorial. 

Working with light pink and fruits as the central themes, the artist is first seen in a baby pink suit, greatly complimenting his fair complexion and orange brown hair color. The words “Berry Berry Strawberry Boy” can be seen on screen, displaying the fruit theme of this shoot. Even a pineapple is added later as a prop!

The artist changes to a floral outer with striped pants, then to a sleek and shiny grey coat before moving onto more casual outfits, such as the pink sweater with checkered black and white pants. Lee Jungshin is seen sitting comfortably on a chair and spreads his long legs out. Along with his highlighting his natural poses, the shoot shows the bassist’s modeling abilities as well as his tall slender body.

The idol’s love for music was also shown through his passionate air-bassing while wearing a charcoal-colored jacket with blue pants. The final outfit for the shoot was a set of blue and pink striped pajamas. The gentle array of colors matched very well to the shy yet playful personality of Lee Jungshin.

The bassist also recently appointed as the MC of Mnet’s M! Countdown with SHINee’s member Key.

Go behind the scenes of his photoshoot below!