[★VIDEO] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa seduces both men and women on “Diors Man”

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa has made a cameo appearance on Mainland China’s web series, Diors Man, while showing off his popularity among both men and women, just like in real life!

On May 20th, Diors Man aired its first episode of season four which features Yonghwa as a patron at a club. In his first scene, Yonghwa can be seen dancing with a girl when the girl’s boyfriend returns from the washroom.

After scolding the girl, the boyfriend vows to get his revenge on Yonghwa. However, in the next scene, the boyfriend can be seen enjoying dancing with Yonghwa and refusing to leave the club even after the girl attempted to pull him away.

Upon watching the episode, Yonghwa posted on Weibo saying, “#Yonghwa Loved By Both Men and Women# The director urged me to post this topic…

Watch Yonghwa’s appearance at around 10:30 below!

Source: Yonghwa’s Weibo