Controversy follows after Lee Hongki tells a fan, “Get lost if you have a problem”

Following rumors of his relationship with Japanese model Sinozaki Ai, FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki left a harsh reply to a fan who was very upset about the rumor. 

On April 10th, reports had broken out that the couple had been dating for six months and many online communities were filled with eyewitness accounts of Lee Hongki and Sinozaki Ai spotted on dates in both Korea and Japan. FNC Entertainment denied the rumors, stating that the two were merely close friends.

In response to a fan who seemed extremely upset over the dating rumor, Lee Hongki tweeted, “kekekeke You don’t seem to know me too well huh??? kekekekeke I have said time and time again not to like me as a guy and if this situation is not appealing to you, get lost kekekekeke.” The account to which he sent a reply to has since been deactivated.

Netizens who saw Lee Hongki’s response were taken aback and disgruntled with his tweet, disappointed in what they deemed an immature reply by the idol.

1. [+ 1233, – 85] He seems immature…

2. [+ 1176, – 31] So he’s basically saying if you don’t like it get lost bitch

3. [+ 312, – 11] This is why they say not to use SNS. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He lives off of popularity yet he speaks that way. Goes to show how deeply he thinks of his fans.

Source: TV Daily