Countdown to Masta Wu’s “Come Here” ft. Bobby and Dok2 begins

YG Family has just released a countdown timer for the release of the highly anticipated hip hop collaboration that consists of Masta Wu, Dok2, and Bobby of iKON.

With less than 10 hours to go, YG Entertainment is fueling fan’s anticipation by uploading a countdown timer for Masta Wu’s upcoming track “Come Here” which will be released at 12AM KST on December 2nd. All three members of the collaboration are well respected artists with many award winning tracks under their belts and thus, expectation for this upcoming track is high.

Dok2 was revealed as the final member of this hip hop collaboration 4 days ago and the official project title confirmed that Bobby and Dok2 would be featured on Masta Wu’s upcoming track.

This is the second hip-hop group that was featured in YG Entertainment’s recent “Who’s Next?” teasers which brought fans the GD x Taeyang subunit in November. GD and Taeyang’s track “Good Boy” has been sweeping charts and even reached 3 million views within two days of the music video’s release. Fans are hoping that this second collaboration will also be another chart topper.