Crayon Pop part ways with their famous helmets for “DooDoomChit” comeback

After 18 months since their last official promotional activities, Crayon Pop is finally back in action as they set out to release their very first full-length album!

Crayon Pop dropped a teaser for their music video and title track “DooDoomChit” on the 23rd. While they’ve parted ways with their famous helmets from their breaking song “Bar Bar Bar,” their sound remain the similar as proven in the video below.

Crayon Pop has certainly grown during their 18-months away from the public eyes, and they will undoubtedly show their mature side in their upcoming comeback promotions.

Meanwhile, the group has already held their comeback showcase on September 23rd at the Muv Hall in Mapo, Seoul, where they commented, “It’s been such a long time it’s like we’re debuting again. To the fans who have been cheering us on and waiting for us, we want to return your love with a song.”

Their first studio album Evolution Pop_Vol.1 will be released on September 26th.

Source: The Fact