Crayon Pop’s Way Reveals The Type Of Innerwear Female Idols Wear Under Stage Outfits

Here’s everything you’ve ever wondered about their stage outfits!

Crayon Pop‘s Way recently revealed everything about the innerwear that girl group members wear on stage.

She began by naming Calvin Klein‘s wireless bra as one of the bras that she used to frequently wear. She explained that the fabric was thick and sturdy (so the fit looked good) and it was waterproof as well.


It appears that the stylists of all female idol groups also carry around a bag full of inner shirts and inner pants in three colors: white, black and skin color.

There’s no specific brand but something that is not too loose and adheres well onto the body that is also comfortable.

ㅡ Way


When they wore special outfits such as off-the-shoulder tops, Way explained that sometimes idols used clear straps and at other times, they used tape to prevent the clothing from sliding up or down.


But most often, they simply wore “nude bras”.


In terms of inner pants, she explained that sometimes the inner pants are attached to the skirt when they are made and sometimes they wear them separately for comfort.


She added that these days, most of the stage outfits were custom-made as all the members had different sizes. Moreover, they considered things such as comfortable fabrics for dancing and extra pockets for mic equipment.


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Source: Youtube