Crayon Pop will save the world in explosive comeback teaser for “FM”

On March 15th, Crayon Pop showed off their newfound super powers and strong dance moves in their newest teaser for their comeback track “FM.”

Known for their creative costumes and concepts, Crayon Pop broke out their inner super hero in their new teaser which appears to be heavily inspired by the bright colors and the charismatic moves often seen in anime.

In their latest teasers, the girls appear in a barren wasteland as they summon their colorful fire-inspired powers while they execute dynamic moves that are heavily influenced by martial arts moves. They also show off their individual assigned colors with a bright color explosion as the group poses dynamically when the beat drops.

“FM” will be a more electronic dance track compared to their previous songs and their concept is a clear reflection of the shift to a more edgier feel.

Fans have been leaving many comments expressing their anticipation for the exciting, pseudo-action music video and have even compared some of their moves to “bending” as seen in Nickelodeon’s popular show, Avatar, the Last Airbender, and the classic original Power Rangers series.

Stay tuned as Crayon Pop prepares for their spring comeback!