Crayon Pop’s Ellin and Bob Girls’ Yujeong dance to “OK”

Ellin of Crayon Pop and Yujeong, member of sister group Bob Girls show their support for Strawberry Milk in a recent dance cover to “OK.”

After sharing photos of themselves posing as the sub unit Strawberry Milk through their Instagram accounts, Crayon Pop’s Ellin and Bob Girls’ Yujeong have unveiled their dance cover for “OK.” On November 7th, Chrome Entertainment released the dance cover through their YouTube channel, labeling this duo as L9&U9 in the cover video. The girls are seen in adorable matching strawberry dresses, as they cutely dance along to the song. At the end of the dance, the two label mates were seen sharing a quick hug. Towards the end of the video they also shared blooper moments of the two during recording, giving fans a glimpse of their laughter-filled moments together.

Strawberry Milk, a sub unit consisting of Crayon Pop’s twin members ChoA and Way, made their debut on October 15th with their first mini album Jackpot featuring the title track “OK.” The music video for “OK” has managed to reach over 1 million views in less than a week since its release, and the view count continues to grow. Strawberry Milk has also announced, via their official Facebook page, a world wide dance cover contest that is being held between October 21st till November 20th for the title song “OK.” The contest is open to everyone who wants to participate with no restrictions on age, gender, or country.

Watch their cute dance cover below!