Crayon Pop’s Geummi and Sung Hoon release “Sunlight” MV

On January 5th, CJ Entertainment released the music video for “Sunlight,” the soundtrack of the wepisode series Ward for 6.

The sentimental-thriller series Ward for 6, co-starring actor Sung Hoon and Crayon Pop’s Geummi, was broadcasted both off and online on December 31th, 2014, as the finale of the year. Ward for 6 is noticeable for its peculiar taste of sensibility added to the genre of thriller. The storyline revolves around Minsu (Sung Hoon), namely the perfect guy, who gets hospitalized in a ward for six with five other women, including Jiwon (Geummi). As the episode proceeds, the drama shows various happenings among the six.

“Sunlight,” the soundtrack for this drama, shows Sung Hoon and Geummi’s beautiful harmony. Sung within the episodes by the two characters, it eventually leads the two to admit their feelings towards each other. The song itself portrays the shy fluttering of first love with its placid chords and beautiful melody. Geummi, who has shown her bubbly charms until now, reveals her calm yet lovely sides throughout the sequence. Sung Hoon’s soft singing tone is unique and soothing.

Moreover, the song was produced under Kim Je Hui’s supervision. Holding “the youngest singer-songwriter” as his title, Kim Je Hui has previously proved his musical talent by arranging Shin Hae Chul’s “Fly! Chick” for 2014 MAMA as well as rearranging “My Old Story,” the title track for IU’s remake album Flower Bookmark. The single consists the original version of “Sunlight” as well as its instrumental version, harp version, and a piano version.

Take a look at the music video here: