Crayon Pop’s Soyul releases making film for “Y-Shirt” MV

On January 11th, Crayon Pop member Soyul took fans behind the scenes of her music video for her solo debut track “Y-Shirt.”

The singer looked very happy as she smiled and laughed throughout the short behind-the-scenes video for the making of her first solo music video, which featured the track playing in the background.

Although the video marked her solo debut, “Y-Shirt” also featured appearances from Soyul’s fellow group members, who were also included in the making video. The five girls girls displayed their closeness as a group by linking arms and doing some light singing before they filmed the other Crayon Pop members’ short scenes.

Soyul’s group members later showed their support for her solo track with a message for fans, and the video ended in the same fashion as the music video itself, with the three mannequin men winking at the camera.

Make sure to check out the making video for Soyul’s “Y-Shirt” below!