Crayon Pop’s Soyul releases solo debut track and MV for “Y-Shirt”

On January 12th, Crayon Pop member Soyul released the music video for her solo release track “Y-Shirt” featuring Yang Jeong Mo

The music video for the song, which featured Soyul as a clothing designer, began with a scene that revealed the character’s office. As she worked hard trying to come up with a new men’s dress shirt design, the Crayon Pop member drifted to sleep, and four angels (played by her fellow Crayon Pop members) emerged from a closet.

The angels used their magic on three mannequins in the room, transforming them into living men with the goal of helping Soyul design her next shirt. As they worked on their design, Soyul glanced towards the mannequin men while half asleep, and drifted into a dream. By the time she woke up, the singer had become inspired and began working on her design, as the Crayon Pop angels looked on with approving smiles. Soyul’s new design was revealed to be a white dress shirt with two beams coming out from each shoulder, creating a “Y” shape.

The last scene reveals that Soyul’s “Y-Shirt” design was a great hit, as the shirt appeared in newspapers, and the Crayon Pop singer was hailed as an “amazing tailor” and a “hot famous tailor” in news reports. The video ended with the reappearance of the mannequin men, who closed out the video with winks.

The song itself is a light-hearted pop song about an attraction between a girl and a boy, and Soyul’s soft voice really complements the raps of Yang Jeong Mo, creating a catchy tune that really matches with the cute music video.

Make sure to check out the music video for Soyul’s “Y-Shirt” below!