CROSS GENE holds flash mob for upcoming track “Play With Me”

Prior to the release of CROSS GENE’s music video for “Play With Me,” the group created a flash mob on the streets to tease their fans for their comeback.

Revealing their video teaser for “Play With Me” on April 9th, the group took it a step further and gave their fans a bigger sneak peek of their upcoming track.

On April 11th at Marronnier Park in Sancheon, CROSS GENE held a flash mob in which they gave an extended preview for their track. While only five members were present at the flash mob due to Casper’s filming schedule, they will continue to make future promotions as six members. 

With many of their fans crowding around the scene, the members danced to their new track while wearing Guy Fawkes masks on their faces. Midway through their performance, a large group continued to dance along with CROSS GENE in unison to the song.

“Play With Me” will be released on April 13th.