Cross Gene releases teaser images for “Even If I’m Young, I’m A Man”

Cross Gene released new teaser images for their comeback “Even If I’m Young, I’m A Man”, with photos of Takuya, Sangmin, Seyoung, and Yongseok.

After releasing “Amazing Bad Lady” back in June, Cross Gene is currently preparing for their comeback on October 10th for “Even If I’m Young, I’m A Man”, with teaser images of four of the members. Cut out from a larger group concept photo, the company promises to reveal images for two members each day on their Twitter account.

They state, “Beginning from Takuya and Sangmin’s photos, we will be releasing the photos of the other members over a period of three days on our Twitter and home page. Please look forward to Cross Gene who has matured greatly, musically and physically for the new album, and please show support for the digital single that will be released on October 10th.”

As of now, Cross Gene has released two teaser images for the first day, featuring Takuya and Sangmin, and the second day, featuring Seyoung and Yongseok.


Source: OBSNews