Crush and Taeyeon pair up for “Don’t Forget” duet

On January 22nd, Crush and Taeyeon surprised fans with the release of their bittersweet winter duet track, “Don’t Forget.”

In the moving song, Crush sings of moments that last forever, dedicating his love and passion for music to his fans as he promises that he will never forget his intentions of starting upon this path.

“Don’t Forget” is applicable in many other settings, also generally describing the hope to keep moments with your beloved in your heart forever.

The track’s elegant melody shows an impressive pairing of the popular R&B artist and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. Their vocals come together in a heart-warming way as mellow percussion beats set the background rhythm.

Despite being just released, the song has quickly made its way up charts, fighting with the likes of Suzy and Baekhyun, Lee Seung Gi, and Lee Juck.