Crush releases clip from comeback event “Special SOFA Sunday LIVE”

Artist Crush unveils a video for the fans from the event Special SOFA Sunday LIVE in celebration of his come back to the music scene.

After the release of his comeback music video “Sofa” on October 29th, Crush announced that he would be holding a “Special SOFA Sunday LIVE” event last November 2nd held at Cafe Alver B1. The event also held a contest that ran between October 29th until October 31st, allowing the fans to send in their precious memories or stories.

On November 8th, Amoeba Culture uploaded the event to their YouTube page. The video showed the production crew members hard at work preparing for the event. Fans were seen eagerly waiting outside the cafe and writing notes to post on to the wall in support of Crush’s come back. With live performances, Crush and special guest Gaeko from Dynamic Duo took time to sit down and share the memorable day with the fans.

During the fan portion, they even discovered a couple of fans from California attending the special day. Along with the fun and laughter, a fan was also seen tearing up while sharing her story, prompting Crush and Gaeko to chant “Don’t cry!”, with other audience members joining along. In the end, Crush concluded the night with a performance showcasing his great vocals to his latest digital single “Sofa”.