Crush releases “Sofa” MV + announces “Special SOFA Sunday LIVE”

After releasing a flurry of image and video teasers, Crush has made his soulful autumn comeback with the release of his new single, “Sofa”.

The music video builds off the concept that he has been showing fans in sneak peeks through SNS. The track begins with a dramatic and uplifting strings introduction as the video pans through the various sofas in the setting. When Crush’s smooth vocals come in, a piano background replaces the strings and the red sofa that fans are familiar with enters the scene as well.

Crush’s emotionally simple lyrics are delivered with a stripped down style as fans can hear each vibrato between the supporting piano notes. As the track builds into the chorus, the low bass drops in to create an even greater sense of drama in the already melancholic track. The story revolves around a past love – the lack of a female actress in the music video seems to highlight the loneliness as Crush has only himself to sing to.

Check out the music video for “Sofa” below:

Additionally, Crush has announced that he will be holding a “Special SOFA Sunday LIVE” event to celebrate his comeback. The event is set to take place 7PM on Sunday, November 2nd at Cafe Alver B1.

The event will also come with a special event for fans to submit their precious memories and stories. The contest will run from October 29th through October 31st.

With the various SNS posts that the star has made, fans can tell that he is working hard in preparing for the release of his autumn comeback track, “Sofa”. The image that he uploaded along with the announcement of his “Special SOFA Sunday LIVE” event continues the grayscale theme of his previous images and even the dark tones of the music video.

Take a look at his tweet below: