Crush talks “Sofa”, girls, and idols

Crush was recently featured on 1theK‘s popular segment #hashtag, as he talked about his new song “Sofa”, its concept, his ideal type, and his idols.

Crush’s soulful autumn comeback track, “Sofa” was released 3 days ago and tells the story of a man who has just been through a breakup and begins to feel longing for his ex.

On 1theK’s #hashtag, Crush talks about the new concept for this track describing it as the process of when a boy becomes a man. The interviewers also ask him about his ideal type, to which he quickly responds “Scarlett Johansson” without missing a beat. In addition to talking about what draws him in about a girl, Crush takes fan requests and sings lullabies live for his fans who have reached out via SNS.

One of his hashtags included #idol to which he says he looks up to hip-hop powerhouse Dynamic Duo the most and recalls when he first went to their concert when he was in the 8th grade. He also revealed that his boss told him, “you have the best face in the company”, which he attributes to the fact that he is the company maknae.

Check out his interview for more funny anecdotes as Crush shows off his unique charm through his new song “Sofa.”