Crush updates fans with “Sofa” video teaser

After Crush announced his upcoming comeback with a black and white image teaser, the artist uploaded a short video onto his Instagram to give fans more details about “Sofa”.

The video that Crush uploaded is a video teaser for the official music video teaser that will drop on October 27th. In it, viewers are shown a variety of sofas covered with white sheets. Suddenly, the view transitions to a birds eye view as the sofas are uncovered to show the different colors and styles. Time then is manipulated as envelopes that were tucked into the mail slot of a standing door fly back through to the other side.

Finally, the video shows footage of the red sofa that Crush was seen sitting on in a previous Instagram photo teaser.

Supported by the sounds of a melancholy piano melody, “Sofa” appears to go with a more mellow and serious mood. The dim lighting in this video teaser emphasizes the dark tones as Crush sits on the red sofa under a lonely spotlight.

Crush will be making his “Sofa” comeback on October 30th.

Check it out below:

Crush [SOFA] 2014.10.30 Official Teaser Release 2014.10.27 #Crush #크러쉬 #SOFA #소파 #20141030

En video slået op af 신효섭 (@crush9244) i