Cube Entertainment releases mysterious teaser for another version of BEAST’s “12:30”

Cube Entertainment dropped a suspicious teaser on November 23rd, with a new video teaser, hinting at another version of BEAST‘s latest hit song “12:30”!

Cube posted on their Twitter at 12:30am KST, asking their fans to guess who will be the artist to take on the role of performing another version of “12:30”. Possible candidates include soloists Roh Jihoon, G.NA, or Shin Jihoon, who have not appeared on screen for some time. Although we cannot eliminate the possibility that it could be another version sang by the original singers – BEAST, the chances are slim as they had already released a second version of the music video for “12:30”.

BEAST had a successful promotion with their ballad song “12:30”, as they won triple crown on KBS Music Bank, 2 consecutive wins each on SBS Inkigayo and MBC Music Core.

The 25-second teaser plays the slow piano instrumentals to the original “12:30” tune, while a lady starring in the music video is seen looking out sentimentally towards the sea. The teaser video then ends with a release date, writing Coming Soon 2014.11.24.