Cube’s rookie group CLC is adorably charming in “Pepe” debut MV teaser

Cube Entertainment‘s upcoming and anticipated girl group CLC will completely win you over in their new video teaser for their debut track “Pepe.”

The video opens with Jang Seung Yeon sitting in a corner by herself, yawning and stretching as if she has just awakened from a nap, before she notices that she is actually on the ceiling! An addicting beat begins to play as the scenes following reveal the remaining members of CLC in a similar situation, albeit in different rooms. Viewers are given a short glimpse into the choreography, the girls wearing similar black dresses and sneakers, hair snapped back into ponytails.

“Pepe” is the work of popular producer Duble Sidekick with composition by Yang Kaengi. It is a dance track with a retro-style atmosphere that will keep to their innocent, but charming appeal.

CLC is Cube’s newest girl group to debut under the agency, and are set to release their first mini-album First Love this March 19th, and will begin promotions for the title track “Pepe.”