Dabit releases audio teaser for “Zone Out”

Solo singer and songwriter David Kim, better known by his stage name Dabit, teased fans with the release of a short audio upload for his autumn comeback.

Dabit revealed a short audio teaser for his 2nd digital “Zone Out” on November 9th through KoffeeDream Entertainment‘s YouTube page. The solo artist got his fans excited a day before his return, as he shared his sweet and soothing voice in the 17 second audio release. Dabit is set to make his come back on November 10th.

Dabit made his solo debut back in December of 2013 with his sweet and melodious digital single “Whoo Whoo Whoo.” The debut song was an introduction to Dabit’s style of music, which can be best described as K-pop with a light jazz and swing feel. On August 22nd, Dabit announced his autumn comeback to everyone, as well as the name for his fan club “Dalbit,” meaning “moonlight.”

Take a listen to his teaser below!