Dalshabet drops special teaser video ahead of “FRI.SAT.SUN” comeback

The first special teaser video for girl group Dalshabet has been published on September 22nd, connecting past teasers together.

Members Serri, Woohee and Subin are seen hard at work at their desk while Ayoung makes an attempt to leave for the day quietly after finishing up her assignments. Quickly gathering up her shoulder bag, she is quickly spotted by her boss who attempts to keep her there by giving her additional work. However, this fails as Ayoung brings up the courage to stand up to him, becoming a sort of “monster” as she grows taller in size to illustrate her sudden dominance.

A second special teaser video is set to be released on the 23rd.

Dalshabet’s 10th mini-album FRI.SAT.SUN is said to be released on September 29th.