Dalshabet reveals highlight medley for “Joker is Alive” mini-album

On April 14th, Dalshabet continued teasing for their upcoming 8th mini-album by releasing a highlight medley ahead of their comeback.

Although the ladies have already shared two music video teasers for their title track “Joker,” this highlight medley gives fans a peek at the musical flexibility the group will be undertaking.

Opening with the first track, “To.Darling,” Dalshabet soothes fans with a sweet, mellow track. As the video flips through various images of the members, the retro beat of “Addict” enters in. Although Subin already gave fans an acoustic preview of title track “Joker,” the track has a vastly different feel as recorded in the mini-album. Next, “I’m Not” has an EDM inspired beat while “OK Boy” is a sweet pop-dance track.

Joker is Alive will be released on April 15th.

Take a listen here: